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15.000 trees are used to wipe your nose, daily.

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That's only one reason to bring back the handkerchief.

It’s time to ditch our single use mentality. You know it and we know it. Far too many resources are wasted producing products that we only use once and directly throw in the trash.

A Hank is a personal hygiene tool, it is a travel accessory. The few people that still carry a handkerchief on a daily basis will tell you it serves multiple purposes. Dampen your sweaty head, wipe off your runny nose or simply use it as cleaning tool.

Hank sets to reintroduce the handkerchief, by updating it to the 21st century with a softer, more absorbent and sustainable fabric. We've been working behind the scenes to create fun and creative designs that you'll love.

A handkerchief is a high quality piece of cloth, so treat it as a piece of clothing. If it is dirty, clean it. Don't be scared of using your handkerchief multiple times a day, just make sure you start your next day with a clean one.

Before concluding the above we had to dive deeper in the research. It turns out there is one life-cycle assessment by Ecosystem Analytics (2012) which concluded a traditional cotton handkerchief made in China wasn't better for the environment than using tissues. Imagine our shock when reading this assessment. We had to look into it even deeper. Was this the end of Hank?

As it turns out a traditional cotton handkerchief manufactured in China is very polluting. Of all the climate change impacts, 65% are due to the production of the handkerchief. The electricity mix, the litres of water wastage and pesticides all contribute to this huge percentage.

That's when we knew we had something better to offer. Our handkerchief is made out of Tencel™ by Lenzing, where each fibre is made of cellulose, a natural component of the renewable source material eucalyptus wood. This process of spinning wood pulp into fibres consumes much less energy, water and chemicals than cotton. All the chemicals used are kept in a closed-loop system to re-use and recycle afterwards.

The Higg MSI score, which is a cradle-to-gate scoring tool, ranks Tencel™ six times better than traditional cotton. Nevertheless we'll continue to be critical of this aspect and consider it each step of the way. Where you source your handkerchief or tissue will have the biggest impact on your footprint.

Thank you for being interested in our story. We'll launch at the end of May, but these things aren't set in stone so don't forget to subscribe above to receive the latest.

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