What is sustainability? Why are handkerchiefs important?

What is sustainable?

I read somewhere that is stood for “Exploiting nothing and nobody, and causing as little damage as possible.”

That’s a sentence with many implications.


Exploiting nothing:

Means looking for resources that can’t be depleted or which can be renewed easily.

It means that the supply chain shouldn’t be under stress anywhere.

Think of energy consumption, water consumption and other factors.

Exploiting nobody:

You can work with better materials but that doesn’t mean nobody is unaffected. An important part of this process, which it is. Is not to harm the planet, and the people and animals on it.

Causing as little damage as possible:

That’s a powerful little addition. It means that every decision you make should be made with the long run in mind. We’ll cause damage, that’s for sure, but we won’t exploit so it has the time to regenerate itself.

Somethings can be cheap, but that doesn’t mean it costs little.

Our global way of living (on average) is being subsidized by our environment and people in less fortunate scenarios.

Ask yourself, does it make you happy. Will it add value to your life.

Send a message to the world by buying better.