About Us

What is the name of your company?


For what purpose did you start your company?

There is a positive evolution towards more reusable products rather than single use. The handkerchief is a product lost in time, that struggles with its image. It needs a reboot, an update if we want to ditch the single use tissue.

What product or service do you offer? What makes it different from others?

We offer the best handkerchief on the planet. In terms of design, softness and sustainability.

What are the fundamental guiding principles your business? (i.e. what are your values?)

Making a great product accompanied with a strong brand.

Please describe when and how you decided to start your company and share any other details you’d like about the beginning of your company.

As you can imagine I had a terrible cold, and I suddenly realized I kept on throwing away all my tissues. I visualized the stack of paper, and couldn’t understand why I didn’t carry a handkerchief. That’s when I realized, and after some thorough research that the handkerchief suffers from an image problem, not a bad product.

I’ve always been interested in solving problems, in a small way. I consider Hank part of a very big solution, for a big problem. Each time we ditch a single use product for a reusable it is a win for the planet, and the people around us.

Who is your target customer?

I’d like to convince the younger generation that  will soon take important decisions within corporate and governments to ditch the single use mentality.

What is your customer's biggest problem/challenge that your company addresses? How does your product/service improve their life for the better?

People are shy to take the handkerchief and will quickly for an easy single use tissue because the handkerchief suffers from an old and dirty image. By offering a better product, surrounded and supported by a cool brand people will pick the handkerchief back up. It’s the conscious choice, but people will need a little push. In the end carrying a handkerchief should send a message like it used to before.

Please include any other information or notes you feel are important to share. (including but not limited to websites, social media, additional comments/notes etc)

Hank wants to be part of a big movement: ditching single use mentality.

We do not consider it to be a solution to global warming, but it will help a mentality shift and make a point. Not everything we did in the past is bad. Carrying a handkerchief on a daily basis is like carrying a tool. It will help wipe your nose, clean stains and even dry up your sweat. And tons of other uses.

We should be proud when using it, that’s why the designs and patterns will be very important in the future development of Hank. When you show a Hank, you’ll be able to tell a story.

We’ll need to tackle one big myth/question: is it hygienic? It is when used correctly, it is not when shared.

There is no problem in using a handkerchief several times, but a personal object that shouldn’t be shared if not washed properly.

There is no problem including it weekly  in your washing cycle with your other clothes. That’s why it is handy to have more than two handkerchiefs in your possession.

Companies I love:







The red line between all these companies is that they make great products, but by doing so you need to incorporate sustainable practices in your company.

Some of these companies are certified B Corps which Hank would like to be once it is launched: https://bcorporation.net/about-b-corps